Hot Glass Art Center

                 99 Main Street
                 Downtown Marlborough, NH ...  call today 603-876-9474  


hot glass art center Glassblowing classes, lessons and gallery

Classes. Private Lessons. Gallery. Community. Studio Rentals.


The Hot Glass Art Center is a state-of-the-art glassblowing studio and education center located in Marlborough, New Hampshire. We serve as a creative hub for the Monadnock Region and welcome everyone to participate in the process of glass making.

We offer demonstrations, workshops, glassblowing lessons and continuing education classes for all skill levels, as well as hourly studio rentals for experienced glass artists. 

 We feature an onsite gallery with handblown glass pieces by local artists. 

Contact HGAC for more information and to schedule your glassblowing experience today! 

The Hot Glass Art Center is for people who have a passion for art and arts education through hot glass. Help create community one gather at a time... Jordana and Jeff making work in July 2016

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Hot glass is a traditional medium that celebrates all that is right in our society: Collaboration, trust, teamwork, timing, creativity, and community. We support arts education as a means to bring people together.
At the Hot Glass Art Center our mission to create a teaching and learning space focused on hot glass outside the traditional system for Arts Education. Glassblowing is a true team endeavor. There is a scene and a sense of happening when around hot glass. The facility is already a community arts center for people interested in art, glass or being part of something greater than themselves. We offer classes, workshops and rentals available for all levels of glass enthusiasts.
“Create community one gather at a time.”